Welcome To Your New World Of Living Really Well With Scoliosis.

Welcome to Scolio-Pilates® On Demand. With over one hundred 50-minute scoliosis exercise classes, twenty 5-minute classes and so much education it could just change your life, we are here and ready to help you take control of scoliosis.

Young or mature, brace or unbraced, fused or unfused, now is your time to move, lengthen, and strengthen. Say goodbye to scoliosis-pain, stiffness, and days spent on the couch. Say hello to you, your family, your friends, hiking, paddling, BBQs, and all the fun your spine is ready for.

We've been where you are. We're here to help you change.
-Karena, Founder of Scolio-Pilates

Scolio-Pilates ON Demand includes

Scolio-Pilates ON Demand is back and BETTER.
We have it all, from a series of 5-minute exercises to 100+ 50-minute classes. We have a "First Steps" series and the brand-new Scolio-Pilates Community Board for you to post questions and successes!